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“There’s a secret to keeping someone else’s angry words from ruining your day.”newdirectionscounseling.jpg


“There’s a secret to keeping someone else’s angry words from ruining your day.”

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“Sometimes we’re the target of angry words and have no choice but to endure the insults. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept those words at face value. No matter what you’ve done, you don’t deserve to be abused—verbally or otherwise. If you’ve wronged another person, he or she has a right to express their grievance, and you have the responsibility to make amends.”…see full article by clicking link.

Serenity and Anger Not Felt Together


Let Serenity replace the anger with creating solutions rather than fueling the anger.

We fuel the anger through competition, choosing to be right and not considering alternative view points, building unfounded thoughts that we are being accused or persecuted, degrading ourselves, and fearing there are no solutions.

Be mindful of your thoughts that are escalating your anger then consider that you can have serenity by choosing to view the situation in a realistic solution directed outlook.

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