Holiday Season


What makes the good memories of the holiday season? For those of us fortunate enough, we have great memories of the closeness of family, traditions, and friends. Let’s be positive examples for others and build new happy memories.

When your thoughts about something begin to provoke you, keep them “at bay”, move ahead to peace of mind and realize it was the best choice.




What does New Directions mean?

Direction meaning :

direction. c.1400, “orderly arrangement;” c.1500 as “action of directing,” from Latin directionem (nominative directio), noun of action from past participle stem of dirigere (see direct (v.)). Meaning “course pursued by a moving object” is from 1660s. D
Our life choices bring us to all the experiences we have. Depending upon our choices, we are pursuing various destiny’s. We do not really know if the  destiny will bring good or bad consequences. New Directions implies examining the best arrangement of choices to increase the likelihood of satisfying results.
The counseling services helps individuals to develop tools  to design actions that are healthy, in harmony with ones relationships, and flexible for a constant changing world.

“There’s a secret to keeping someone else’s angry words from ruining your day.”

From Psychology Todayshutterstock_390015208.jpg

“Sometimes we’re the target of angry words and have no choice but to endure the insults. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept those words at face value. No matter what you’ve done, you don’t deserve to be abused—verbally or otherwise. If you’ve wronged another person, he or she has a right to express their grievance, and you have the responsibility to make amends.”…see full article by clicking link.